Who Am I...
that GOD would want to Give Me...
 His Kingdom?!?

My Mission...    
Sharing Connect.The.Dots with the World as a Lifestyle that Awakens and Manages the Process of GOD's Divine Design for our Lives from the Inside-Out... Reconnecting Us with Who GOD Created Us to Be.
"For I know the Plans I have for  You," Declares the Lord, "Plans to Prosper you and not to harm you, Plans to give you Hope and a Future."     Jeremiah 29:11
My Message...
Cultivating an Internal Ecosystem of Tranquility that is so Vibrant, so Vital, and so Boldly Balanced that NO Transition, Relationship or External Circumstance disrupts our Inner-Transformation... But  only Adds to GOD's Diving Design for our Lives.
All Things work Together for the Good 
of those who Love GOD and are Called
according to His Purpose.  Romans 8:28
Connnect.The.Dots … 
It’s Life’s Journey!
Some of us view Life's happenings as a random string of events that are coincidental, chance, or luck... and that is our reality if limited to seeing it that way.  Another perspective is to view Everything we sense, Everyone we meet, and Everything that happens to us as Meaningful and Intentional...
as GOD has Designed ALL in Life with a Reason and a Purpose.
If we choose to see Life from GOD's Perspective... 
We must Always be Asking . . . ? ? ? . . . ? ? ? . . . ? ? ? . . .
What does that mean?  
What am I meant 2 learn?  
What is GOD showing me?
Where does He want me 2 go?
Who does He want me 2 help?
How can I be a blessing 2 them?
What is His greater purpose 4 me?
How do I make a difference 4 Him?
What am I here 2 accomplish 4 Him?
How is ALL Life Connected 2 Him and 4 Him?
ASK and you SHALL Receive, 
SEEK and you SHALL Find,
KNOCK and it SHALL be
Opened unto you.  Matthew 7:8
So, with GOD as the Subject of our Sentences, our List of Questions begin and is Never Ending,
always Pointing toward Him Forevermore, so that we can
 . . . Connect.The.Dots . . . 
to Accomplishing His Goal for the World from Eternity to Eternity!
Trust in the Lord with ALL your Heart, Lean Not unto your Own Understanding, Seek His Will in ALL you Do, and He will Show you which Path to Take.     Proverbs 3:5-6