"I started seeking Mary's help back in 2009.  I had already made the decision to lead a very different life than most of my family members and wanted to become the person God intended me to be.  At the same time, I became engaged to a man who is now my husband.  I was struggling with the negativity I was feeling from my parents as well as a sister that I was in business with in contrast to the joy I was feeling in finding the man who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  The highs were high and the lows were low!  But mostly, I had struggled with the deep wounds of abandonment and rejection from my parents as well as two sisters. 

Because I lived in a different city, I interacted with Mary over the phone.  She would spend an hour or so with me every week (sometimes a few times each week) asking me questions, providing me with Scriptures to deepen my faith, and helping me to regain my hope.  In addition, Mary traveled to meet with me and my Fiancé a few weeks before our wedding to help us to see the unhealthy behavioral patterns in both our families and to offer us options that could help us begin a healthy marriage  (books, exercises, and videos).  By helping us to recognize that both of our families had similar dysfunctional patterns, we became determined to learn more positive ways of dealing with conflict and stress. 

We were married in May of 2010 and our marriage is so strong, healthy, and positive.  We appreciate all the time Mary spent with us to better understand how past hurts from our respective childhoods may, from time to time, affect our marriage; but by keeping Christ in the center of our marriage and having open, honest, and respectful communication with each other, we will have a very blessed life indeed. 

I highly recommend working with Mary as her style is so different than what other professionals might offer to people who are struggling with issues  similar to ours.  Her process is guided by the spirit and she just seems to have the right words of encouragement at the perfect time.  If you find yourself struggling and in need of healing, consider contacting her to move out of your fearful thoughts and connect.the.dots to growing deeper in your faith."
N. F. Kieffer 

“Mary’s one of the most divinely-led people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.  She’s been given an uncanny ability to consider things from a much-larger perspective and is able to combine this gift with unwavering faith, to produce a dynamic focus on life’s most important aspects.” 
“Mary is one of the good people in the marketplace. She has a heart for people and an innate ability to connect people and ideas; to make 1+1 equal 3. Her energy and passion for life are contagious. I encourage you to reach out to Mary if you are seeking to connect.the.dots in your business or life.”  Joe Colavito:  Author, Coach, Motivational Speaker
“Based upon how insightful she is and her ability to listen/provide specific responses, Mary is someone who has found their true calling!” “When you are looking for answers and for some measure of support and direction in your life, you are hopeful that your search will lead you to someone like Mary.  

In this modern era of acronyms, I have one that I think would serve as a highly subjective (I must be subjective since I am a big fan of her approach and methods) description of Mary’s ability to provide guidance to others. The word “Good” is not only a favorable one in all avenues of life, it is a word that accurately serves to portray her as follows:

G stands for genuine, which is refreshing to know you will always get this level of sincerity from Mary; O is the first letter of the word objectivity, something that I found to be a distinct and essential quality during my discussions with her; O represents her willingness to be open about what you are thinking, why these things are on your mind, and her thoughts on what steps you should consider in order to move forward; and, D is without question, dedication, that which is something that a person in this field must have to earn the trust and confidence of those you work with, and she demonstrates this each time you speak with her.  

Mary has a passion for helping others, this internal force is not only her strength, but a guidepost to others seeking assistance with various challenges or changes in their lives.” 
Richard Morgan: Senior Consultant & Career Coach